Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a marine survey? When purchasing a vessel, a survey is not required. But having a trained professional inspect your boat from stem to stern will give you detailed insight and confidence when making decisions with your prospective purchase. A survey report provided by Homeport Marine Surveys is a buyer’s assurance of the vessel’s condition without prejudice. Web content and photos do not always accurately represent the entire story of the boat and a brief walk through by a potential buyer will inevitably miss critical issues that could be a deciding factor in making a purchase, regardless of the customer’s experience. A survey report will also provide a carefully researched current fair market and replacement cost values using trusted resources that are not available to the general public. 

 What type of vessels do you typically survey? Everything from small crafts to yachts. Including center consoles, sailboats, commercial vessels, deck boats and bowriders, pontoon boats, trawlers, cruisers and everything in between. 

What is included within each inspection and marine survey report? Depending on vessel accessibility, a typical survey includes an out of water and bottom inspection, onboard systems inventory and tests, a sea trial, full cosmetic and structural analysis, list of findings and recommendations, carefully researched fair-market value on the vessel and a PDF copy of the marine survey report which will include numerous photos to supporting the report content. 

Who pays for the survey? That depends on the type of inspection being completed. Usually, the prospective buyer of the boat will pay for a Pre-Purchase Survey, but an insurance or appraisal inspection would be paid for by the current owner of the vessel. 

How much does a survey cost? For most vessels, Homeport Marine Surveys charges a day rate for the inspection and marine survey report. Not every survey or circumstance is the same and HMS will work with you to create the perfect experience and invoice for your budget. Please contact Eric at 804-832-7996, or via email at or check our rate Page here for a fair and prompt estimate. All major credit cards as well as cash or check are accepted. 

How long after the survey is completed can I expect the written survey report? Typically within three to five days after the inspection was completed. Expedited service is available. 

Will you travel to complete a survey? Absolutely. Homeport Marine Surveys will travel just about anywhere to satisfy their customer’s needs. HMS will complete marine surveys and damage claims throughout the United States. 

Your rates are competitive but why should I trust Homeport Marine Surveys? Marine surveying is an unregulated industry. Anybody can call himself or herself a marine surveyor. Eric is a certified Advisor by the American Boat and Yachting Council (ABYC®) and a graduate of the Yacht & Small Craft Survey program at Chapman School of Seamanship in Stuart, FL. He has spent decades working in and around the recreational and professional maritime community, with experience on all types of vessels. Homeport Marine Survey would be happy to provide you with an example survey to illustrate the amount of detail that goes into each survey and report. Contact Eric at (804) 832-7996 or via email at for more information.

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