Pre-Purchase Survey: This marine survey is a comprehensive inspection of your vessels structural integrity, propulsion system, electronics, navigation equipment, sanitation, fresh water, fuel system, cosmetic appearance and any other systems that may be present. A pre-purchase survey is typically conducted with an inspection of the systems listed above in the water, followed by an out of the water inspection (haul out) of the wetted surface and underwater machinery.  Additionally, a sea trial will be performed to further examine the systems while the vessel is underway. Pre-purchase surveys are reported back to the client in a detailed and lengthy report that describes the systems and their function while highlighting deficiencies which are detectable to the surveyor.

* Haul out coordination/payment is the responsibility of the client requesting the survey and communicated prior to the survey in order to avoid confusion on the day of survey.

*Sea trials must be coordinated in advance with the support of a qualified Captain. The surveyor will not run the vessel for sea trial as they have to inspect systems and perform testing while underway.

* Engine surveys/inspections are performed by a third party. Ask about the benefits of having a separate engine analysis performed.

Insurance Survey: This marine survey is typically performed at the request of an insurance company to determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk. Typically, insurance companies are concerned with structural integrity and safety. Please communicate with your insurance company to determine their requirements for inspection (IE: Inspection of wetted surface required?).

Appraisal Survey: This assessment is performed to gather adequate information to support or determine the fair market value of the vessel. This is typically required to secure financing, or assist with estate settlements, donations and legal cases or if an owner wants to establish the current value of their asset.

Damage Survey: All damage claims and accident investigations are performed with our partners at Pilot Marine Surveyors & Consultants.  Additional information regarding damage claim surveys can be found here  Pilot Marine Surveyors & Consultants 

Bottom Inspection: This type of survey is exclusive to the exterior hull of the vessel. Once the boat has been hauled out, the wetted surface of the hull will be inspected for bottom paint condition, indications of blisters, water intrusion, cracking or any other potential hull and underwater appendage damage. Early detection and correction of such issues can help prevent them from developing into potentially catastrophic and or costly issues in the future.

Oil Samples: Upon request, Homeport Marine Surveys will collect a small volume of lubricant from the marine engine(s) and generator(s) for the purpose of oil analysis. An oil test can provide valuable information about the metal wear and general condition of the engine. We ensure that procedures are used to minimize disturbance of the sample during and after the sampling process. The samples are drawn into a small, clean bottle, which is sealed and shipped to Motor Check Laboratories, an industry leading and independent laboratory in Florida, for analysis.

Consulting: Out of town and still narrowing your search for the right boat? Further understanding and/or inspection of a specific system? This service is custom fit to your specific needs without requiring a full service like the two marine surveys above. Please call or visit the contact page to communicate your needs and discuss what options are best for you and your specific situation. 

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